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My Photoshop World – Dave Clayton
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My Photoshop World – Craig McCormick
Hey everyone, Craig McCormick here and today I want to talk to you about why I love Photoshop World Conference and why I think you really should go if you ever get the chance.

I’ll be going to my 3rd Photoshop World in a row this September at Las Vegas and I seriously can’t wait to go. It has quickly become one of my favourite times of the year where I get to go and spend several days learning from the best instructors in the world and hang out with likeminded photo geeks.

I love going to Photoshop World because it gives me that rare opportunity to total immerse myself in my passion with no other distractions. For many of us, we’re either professionals in another field and do this for a hobby during our spare time or you’re a working pro and probably don’t have big chunks of time to dedicate to learning new techniques. I think of PSW as like a biannual summer camp to recharge my creative batteries. I may or may not have stolen that line from Joe McNally…

One thing I used to think before I ever went to PSW was “isn’t it like Kelby Training Online, but live?” The reality is it’s so much more than that. There isn’t a better place to be inspired to learn new things than face to face with some of the worlds best instructors.

There are very few opportunities in our day-to-day lives where we can ask questions directly to instructors who are leaders in their field, but at Photoshop World you can do just that! And that opportunity isn’t restricted to the classroom either. If you see someone you admire on the show floor or walking the corridors, you can ask them a question and they’ll be happy to chat with you and answer your questions. It can be quite surreal at first and takes a bit of self encouragement to go up and ask them something that you may not think is super important or technical in their eyes, but every instructor is there because they want to help. So if you see someone that you want to ask a question to, go up and do it. You’ll regret not doing it.

If I had to give just one bit of advice it would be to not be anti-social or a shut-in. Trust me I know how easy it can be to be the quiet person in the corner who doesn’t interact with anyone because I was that guy at my first Photoshop World and the whole thing became a bit of a weird, solitary experience. So for the last PSW in Orlando, I made a big effort to interact and chat with as many people as I could. I even went to social events. Very unlike me! And I tell you what, I had a blast :-)

PSW and NAPP in general is one big family of likeminded people. It thrives on community. It still surprises me that so many people spend PSW by themselves, even when they’re surrounded by enthusiastic photographers everywhere. You’re going to this thing to enjoy yourself and you won’t have nearly as much fun if you do it alone. The key is to just trust yourself and go for it!

If you’re going to the next PSW by yourself and you’re looking for someone to hang out with during the downtimes or just have a chitchat with, please feel free to give me a buzz! I’m always down to meet new people as it makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable. The best way to contact me during the conference will be through my twitter: @Craig_McC852